Well Construction

Current project: "A well for Ndunguni"


From vision to a realistic goal

With the founding of Hakuna Matata a little over two years ago, we had the vision in mind to have built up at least two wells within five years. That this no longer stays a vision, but now is getting a realistic goal, is the greatest merit of our donors.


The village Ndunguni

Ndunguni to get a well in 2013 and thus the basis for life and for further development. Ndunguni is a village with about 1500 inhabitants, of which about 1000 children and young people. It is located about 120 miles east of Nairobi and although only about 60 miles south of rainy Mount Kenya  it is located in a very dry and undeveloped area. The area around the Mwea National Park was almost uninhabited until a few years ago. Due to the large population growth, the area was initially settled illegally and therefore still exhibit almost no infrastructure.

About 5 kilometers south of Ndunguni there is  Masinga Dam, a large reservoir of water  that is used to generate electricity. Impounds will be here, the Tana River - one of the longest rivers of East Africa. The water is now used for drinking, but because of the high bacterial load is not suited to another - from hand-dug source that is shared equally by humans and animals, is also loaded with germs. The water is also salty, and the water is by far not enough for the whole village. The back roads are pretty far down and so it takes a long time to fetch water.








Success factor "partnership with professionals"

To lead our vision to a successful result, we have made us think of course, can ultimately succeed as build a well. Since we all in the organization know relatively little about drilling wells, we have seen a big risk in burying a lot of money donations in the sand or rock. To avoid this, we have been looking for partners who have an idea of ​​the business. Since the founding of Hakuna Matata have repeatedly searched the Internet and now with the association "Life needs water" we found an ideal partner - from our point of view. Life needs water is also a small and relatively young, but the more active organization from St. Veit an der Glan in Carinthia / Austria. The club was founded by Gabriele and Dietmar sen Stuck. who own a professional well drilling company in St. Veit. During a holiday trip that the entire company team took to Kenya in 2008, they saw the water problem in the area closely and decided to get involved for the construction of wells. Thus, the association founded and built by now several wells in various countries of Africa by European standards. Currently, even set up of an own branch of the company in Moshi / Tanzania is planned near the Kenyan border. At an initial meeting with Ms. Stuck in May of this year once the next steps were discussed  for the further planning and agreed upon a joint visit to Kenya. For here again, many thanks also to Ms. Stuck, who despite her busy schedule spontaneously declared ready to meet in Salzburg.







The planning has begun

In order to be able to realize the project in 2013, the next planning steps were discussed with Ms.Stuck .Thus, in Ndunguni by local women already founded a water commitee that gives us local voices heard and opens the doors later also for the well, responsible. Furthermore, there was already first meeting of our Kenyan partner with the Chief (similar to a mayor) and the elders of the village, both of which are behind the project and commited any support. In July 2012, Baumann family travels (of course at their own expense as part of the holiday, because we are completely volunteer) to Ndunguni in order to deepen the planning continues.Stuck family would like to personally view the local conditions in order to find the ideal location of the well. Dietmar Stuck has the ability to radiesthetic water finding. This will be done before the project begins in the affected villages and lays the foundation for any well project. With the method, the ideal location, the amount of water and the depth can be determined relatively accurately. Furthermore, it is also clarified on the spot, which bore diameter is needed, what type of pump is used, how it is driven and how large should the reservoir. The clarification of these questions then has an impact on the cost of the well.The next step is that Hakuna Matata needs to get the legal owner of the property where the well will be build. This is a prerequisite for the construction and will be clarified in July.


How can you support us?

Although now a financial foundation for the well construction is available, this money will not suffice to realize ​​a well in the rocky area. Therefore, we need your help here. We promise that any donation that will contribute to achieving our vision.