A family vacation and the kindergarten mothers made ​​the difference

In summer 2009, Baumann family planned a vacation with their two children (2 and 5 years).

Because Faith is born in Kenya, where she also has relatives, they wanted to travel the first time for several years to Kenya with the children.
Arrived there in the Kenyan highlands, they found apocalyptic conditions.
The failure of two rainy seasonsdried out  the land so that no blade of grass grew and there were no more leafs on the trees. In this largest drought in recent years was not to think of a harvest and thus prevailed a huge famine in the entire region. The emaciated cattle were sold for a minimum price to butchers, because no food was found.
The people suffered and waited for food aid and better times.

This situation made ​​the family aware that much more than that they already paid privately for the family support was needed.

At the same time Faith Baumann was addressed by Manuela Häring and Anna Rott, two mothers whose children attend the same kindergarten together.
They had seen reports on the situation in East Africa and wanted to help.

Thus the idea matured, help yourself to take in hand and establish a nonprofit organization that supports sustainable human in the region around Matuu / Kenya.

The idea was then put into action very quickly and so on November  25th  2009 ten founding members came together to make the club a reality.

What has been achieved so far, you can read on our pages.