As we want to support?

Our help us build on three pillars, which make it possible for you,
to help directly and personally:

Education is a chance
The A and O for a sustainable improvement of living conditions for the population is education. There are many schools and these are also quite well in the up-country.
But they cost money. With sponsorships for school children a lot can be achieved quite quickly with relatively little effort.
We want to give a sustainable support by improving the education and thus provide better future prospects.

Water is life
More and more the lack of clean drinking water for humans and animals becomes a focal point. In the medium term we want to specifically support well construction projects.
The aim is to have built up two wells in the next five years. Therefore we cooperate with www.wasserspender.la since June 2011.

If nothing else helps ...
Basically we want to support primarily with the first two columns learn the people to help themselves.
The current situation shows that direct support in the form of food, medicines or seeds for the next crop is often needed to ensure survival.
Therefore direct assistance should be possible in emergency situations.

The following principles apply to the realization of our projects in Kenya
We only initiate projects that we have personally checked with our volunteers on site.
• We work together with people we know and we can trust .
The donations are received by us without any deduction for administrative costs, with almost 100% in the projects.
We only work directly with volunteers and the people.
• Help people helping themselves is in our view the need of the hour.